Billing Cycle Adjustment FAQs for Postpaid Accounts

1. Who are affected by the billing cycle adjustment?
All Smart Postpaid, Smart Bro and Smart Infinity subscribers are affected by the billing cycle adjustment.

2. Why is my billing cycle being adjusted?
The billing cycle adjustment will ensure the timely delivery of your bill by grouping subscribers into geographical areas under one billing cycle.

3. I am enrolled to the eStatement, why does my billing cycle need to be adjusted?
The adjustment of your billing cycle will contribute to a satisfying billing experience, which is in line with our commitment to serve you better.

4. What is the basis for the billing cycle adjustment?
Billing cycle adjustment is based on the subscribers’ geographic locations.

5. When will the adjustment of billing cycles be implemented?
Billing Cycle Adjustment Schedules

Brand Schedule
Smart Postpaid & Infinity January 2017
Smart Broadband May 2017


6. How will I know my new billing period and due date?
You will receive a text message, an e-mail notification and a bill insert from us informing you of the change in your billing period and payment due date. For Smart Bro subscribers, announcement shall be posted in the Smart Bro Dashboard. For details log on to

7. What are the effects of the billing cycle adjustment?
• There will be a change in your payment due date.
• Your next bill will reflect a prorated Monthly Service Fee.
• Prorated Plan inclusions.

8. I want to revert to my old billing period and payment due date. Is this possible?
No, you cannot revert to your old billing period and payment due date, as the new billing cycle is based on the ZIP code that you have provided us.

9. What will happen to my Flexibundle/VAS subscriptions? Will they still be replenished even if I now have a new cut-off date?
Yes, your Flexibundle/VAS subscriptions will still be replenished, applicable only to Smart Postpaid.

10. If my account has been redirected prior to the billing cycle adjustment, will it be lifted upon effectivity of my new billing cycle?
No. Redirected accounts can only be lifted upon posting of full payment.

11. I have a permanently disconnected account. If I pay my balance, will my account be reconnected, with a new billing cycle?
No, billing cycles of permanently disconnected accounts will not be adjusted. You must settle your balance, however, your account will no longer be reconnected. You must apply for a new connection instead.

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