Can I buy game ePINS from Smart Load retailers?

Yes! ePINS from Garena, Cherry Credits and Cubizone can now be purchased from Smart Load retailers.

How to buy Game ePINS via Smart Load retailers

  • Choose from the available Game ePINS (Garena Shells, Cherry Credits or Cubits) and denominations.
Game ePIN Cost (SRP)
10 Garena Shells P10.00
20 Garena Shells P20.00
50 Garena Shells P50.00
100 Garena Shells P100.00
200 Garena Shells P200.00
500 Garena Shells P500.00
1000 Garena Shells P1,000.00
110 Cherry Credits P110.00
380 Cherry Credits P380.00
1140 Cherry Credits P1,140.00
17 Cubits P25.00
70 Cubits P100.00
245 Cubits P350.00
350 Cubits P500.00
  • Give your Smart mobile number and game ePIN payment to the Smart Load retailer.
  • You will receive an SMS containing your purchased game ePIN.

Buying game ePINs via Smart Load retailers is also available to Smart Postpaid, Talk 'N Text and Smart Bro subscribers (ePIN will be sent via text).

To buy more game ePINS online using your prepaid load, visit

Are you a Smart Load retailer?

Earn Money by selling Game ePINS with your retailer SIM.

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