How can I access free Internet via Facebook Free Basics?

Through a partnership with Facebook's initiative, all of Smart's subscribers (including TNT and Sun Cellular users) can now access more than 20 online sites and portals for free.

Smart subscribers can access free Internet services via in two ways:

  1. Through the browser. Just launch the Internet browser of your data-capable mobile device and go to
  2. Through the mobile app. For Android users, search on Google Play and download the app.

Note: cannot be accessed using laptop or PC.

Here are the free services that can be accessed via Smart and

  • Social & Chat: Facebook & Facebook Messenger
  • News:,,, Rappler
  • Search:, Bing Search
  • Weather: AccuWeather, RainCheckPH Lite
  • Education & Career:, Wikipedia,, TESDA
  • Tips, Information, Health & Wellness: BabyCenter & MAMA, Facts for Life, Girl Effect, WikiHow
  • Sports & Entertainment: ESPN, Spin.PH, Wattpad
  • Business & Finance: OLX, Pesos and Sense, Your Money

Remember to stay within the browser or app using the links to continuously enjoy the free services.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your Smart data connection is activated and turned on to access the service.

Useful Links

How to activate mobile Internet or data services on your phone.

How to switch on your mobile phone's data settings.

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