How can I check my postpaid balance or bill?

If you are a Smart Postpaid or Smart Infinity subscriber you can check your bill or balances through the following:

1. Via SMS

Text BILL? to 211

2. Via SIM Menu

Go to SMART MENU or INFINITY MENU and select Gold Data or Account Data.

3. Via Website, Email and Mobile App

  • Register and log-in to My Smart to check your current balance online and view bills up to the last 12 months. Registration is FREE.
  • Smart will also send you monthly SMS and email notifications on your bill balance and payment due date. Email notification is available to registered My Smart subscribers.
  • Download and Install the My Smart mobile app to instantly check your balances through your Android or iOS device.


How do I check my Smart Bro balance?
You can check your Smart Bro balance, active promo or add-on subscriptions, remaining data volume promo expiry and more, through: Smart Bro Dashboard Connect your device...
How can I view my Smart bills online?
You can view your monthly billing statemennts online, anytime. Make sure you’re registered to My Smart and you have linked your Smart Postpaid, Smart Bro Postpaid or Smart...
How Can I Track my bill delivery
Air21 is Smart’s partner in delivering bills to Metro Manila and Rizal individual subscribers. With Air21’s Bill Tracking System, you can now see the delivery status of your...