How do I subscribe to Smart Bro prepaid?

You can enjoy Smart Bro's fast and reliable mobile broadband service and nationwide coverage on affordable and convenient prepaid subscriptions.

To start enjoying a prepaid Smart Bro subscription, simply purchase a prepaid Plug-It, Pocket Wifi or Smart Bro SIM from any Smart Store, authorized retailer or from the Smart Online Store.

Smart Bro Plug-It

Get a Smart Bro Plug-It with a Smart Bro SIM, which you can use on your laptop. Just plug the device through the USB port, connect to the Internet and surf away.

Here are several Plug-It gadgets available:

Smart Bro Pocket WiFi

Get a Smart Bro Pocket WiFi with a Smart Bro SIM if you need to connect multiple devices like WiFi capable laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and more.

You can choose between:

Smart Bro SIM

If you want to use your existing Plug-It or Pocket WiFi device, or a tablet/phablet with SIM slot, you may purchase a Smart Bro SIM.

  • LTE-ready
  • Easy and convenient reloading and data package subscription options
  • Just insert the SIM to use. Available in multi-cut: regular, micro or nano SIM-slot ready.

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