How to set up Smart Bro LTE Plug-It on Windows

Make sure that the Smart Bro SIM specifically made for LTE is correctly inserted in the Smart LTE Plug-It and your computer is turned ON.

For Smart LTE Plug-It: Install and Setup

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Go to My Computer, then double-click CD Drive F:
  3. Double-click Auto-Run and click Yes
  4. Click Next, then the I Agree button
  5. Click the Finish button


  1. Select Tools
  2. Go to Profile Management
  3. Create a New Profile
  4. Type desired Profile Name
  5. Select Static radio button and type smartbro for APN

Set Network Type

  1. Go to Network
  2. Select a Network Type
    • [AUTO] connects to the best available data connection (LTE, HSPA+, etc.)
    • [GSM, LTE only, WCDMA only] locks connection to one data network type only
  3. Click OK

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