Identifying your Smart Account and MIN

Smart mobile accounts require a SIM card for subscribers to activate and start using their handsets or mobile device for calls, texts and online surfing needs.

A Smart SIM card is LTE ready, fits in regular, micro, and nano SIM slots, and frequently comes with free data inclusions.

Depending on the assigned mobile identification number (MIN), a 10-digit unique number used to identify the mobile phone number, a Smart account can be classified as follows:

 Smart Postpaid
 Smart Prepaid
 Smart Bro Postpaid
 Smart Bro Prepaid
 Infinity

*A Smart Bro postpaid or prepaid account are intended for wireless broadband internet plans and/ or device packages.

The MIN is also printed on the plastic casing of SIM card provided to Smart subscribers. We encourage subscribers to keep this for reference, as this card also contains the 16-digit Integrated Circuit Card Identifier (ICCID) and SIM's unblocking codes (PUK). Here are useful links you can check to know more about SIM card replacement:

Requirements for SIM Card Replacement

Replacing a lost or stolen Prepaid/TNT SIM

Subscribers can link and manage their Smart accounts upon registration on My Smart. The My Smart app is also available on iOS and Android. Download My Smart app to track mobile usage, subscribe to call, text and data packages, check loyalty points, redeem Perks, file a Help Ticket and more.

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