Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a feature that allows mobile phone customers to keep their numbers permanently even when they switch network providers, or as they move from a postpaid to a prepaid subscription, or vice versa.

In line with the provisions set by Republic Act (R.A.) 11202 or the Mobile Number Portability Act, the MNP process is free-of-charge.

To establish a unified MNP system for all network providers in the country, Smart co-created joint venture company Telecommunications Connectivity, Inc. (TCI) with Globe Telecom and Dito Telecommunity. TCI, in coordination with the National Telecommunications Commission, further tapped Syniverse Technologies for the technology infrastructure needed by the MNP system.

Based on global benchmarking, the preparation for the full implementation of the MNP may take at least 18 months.


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