How to Apply for a Smart Postpaid Plan Online?

You can conveniently apply for a Smart Postpaid plan anytime through the Smart Online Store.

Here's how to apply:

STEP 1: Choose Your Plan

  • Go to the Smart Online Store at and click on Postpaid Plans.
  • All the available plans will be displayed. Use the arrows below the page to browse through the entire list.
  • Alternatively, you may also use the filter to choose your desired plan: All In Plans, Surf Plus Plans, iPhone Plans, Other Plans
  • Once you find your desired plan, click Check this plan. You will see the details of your chosen plan.

STEP 2: Choose your phone.

  • Review the plan details. Once you're sure about your chosen plan, scroll down to see the available phones. Click Check this item on your chosen device.
  • You will be led to the page with your plan and phone details and applicable fees. When applicable, you will also need to choose a freebie that comes with your plan.

STEP 3: Check Out

  • Click Add to Cart. A window with your purchase summary will appear. You may view the list of documentary requirements.
  • If you want to purchase another item, click Continue Shopping. Otherwise, click View Cart.
  • Check purchase details once more, then click Check out.
  • You will be asked to log in to My Smart. Enter your email/number and password to continue.

STEP 4: Accomplish Form and Submit Requirements

  • Fill out the online application form. Make sure to fill in all the required fields. Click Next.
  • Upload your requirements (Proof of Identification, Proof of Address and Proof of Financial Capacicity) in valid digital formats like .doc, .jpg, .png and pdf. File must not exceed 2MB. Once all documents are uploaded, click Next.
  • Review all your application details and attachments and click Next. A confirmation window will appear. Click Ok.
  • You will receive a confirmation that your application has been submitted.


  • Your application will be reviewed and processed. Monitor your registered email and mobile numbers for the next steps. You will either be asked to submit supplementary documents or be sent a payment link to confirm your order.
  • To check the status of your application, you can log on to the Smart Online Store at and click Order Status on the menu.

  • On the Smart Online Store (, you can fill-out the application form, submit your documentary requirements and pay for your initial cashout - all online. You may also opt for the cash on delivery option for some items.Your brand new smartphone will even be delivered to your preferred address for free.

  • Before you apply, make sure you already have a My Smart account. Register using your Smart number or valid email address.

Do you want to apply for a specific phone?

The above steps are for Smart Postpaid application based on the type of plan. You may also apply for a plan based on the smartphone or device you want. To start, go to the Smart Online Store at and click on Phones on the menu.

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