How do I know my Postpaid Account Details?

You can easily check your pertinent Smart Postpaid or Smart Infinity account details such as your account number, credit limit and more via My Smart.

Simply register and link your postpaid account. Registration is FREE.

Once registered you can view the following account details online, anytime:

  • Current Plan
  • Account Number
  • Billing Address
  • Bill Cut-off Date
  • Auto-Debit Arrangement
  • Credit Limit
  • Service Contract Duration/Expiry

How to view postpaid account details

  1. Log in to My Smart with your mobile number/email address and password.
  2. Under 'My Smart Accounts' select the linked account you wish to view.
  3. Your details will appear under 'Account Overview'. Additionally, you may view your current bill charges, outstanding balances, active subscriptions and more when you click 'Balance & Usage' on the navigation bag on the left.

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