International roaming guide for Smart Postpaid and Infinity subscribers

Charging Principle

Smart Postpaid and Infinity subscribers will be charged for the following transactions while roaming outside the country:

  • Making calls
  • Receiving calls*
  • Sending SMS
  • Sending MMS
  • Receiving MMS
  • Browsing using GPRS connection


Roaming rate of visited mobile service operator + Surcharge

Note: For MMS downloads and GPRS browsing, charging is based on the volume of information downloaded or sent (per KB).

*Since the caller may not be aware that you are roaming, the caller will be charged the local rates as if you are in the Philippines. However, you will be charged the IDD portion of the call forwarded from the Philippines to the roaming partner. Please note that some roaming partners charge airtime for incoming calls, apart from the IDD cost.

Billing Statement

Due to billing system limitations of some roaming partners, the charges incurred during roaming may not be immediately reflected in the next billing statement. Smart has no control over the billing system used by roaming partners and the roaming partner's generation of call and SMS transaction details.

Use of data-capable handsets while roaming

If you need to email, browse the Internet or send/receive MMS using your phone while roaming abroad, please ensure the following:

  • Roaming partner can support data connection.
  • You are using a data-capable handset.

Existing international browsing rate applies.

For Smart provided handsets, you may visit the nearest Smart Store or call the hotline to seek assistance on handset features, browsing rates and charging principles.

For non-Smart provided handsets, it is recommended that you consult with your handsets authorized service center to know the capabilities and limitations of your handset, especially for GPRS browsing. Since the handset you are using has not been reviewed and approved by Smart, there is a possibility that the handset will not function according to the required handset specification. You may also find more information on your handsets functionalities on the official website.

Data charges incurred, regardless of handset type, will be considered valid and billable.

Data Roaming Alert

Data Roaming Alert is a FREE service provided to Smart Postpaid and Infinity subscribers who use data services when roaming. This service will notify you of your approximate unbilled data roaming usage (Blackberry, mobile Internet, MMS). An initial message will be sent to you upon your first data roaming connection. You will also receive succeeding alerts as you reach different levels of cumulative data usage, with a maximum of 10 alert notifications within 30 days.

Sample Initial Message:

You are now using data roaming. Charging may be over USD10/MB depending on your chosen network UNLESS you are on a Conexus network with UNLIMITED data roaming at USD10/day. Visit for info on participating Conexus partners.

This notification indicates that you have initiated a data roaming usage. If you received this and you're not aware of any data roaming usage (ex: surfing the internet using your phone, receiving email, accessing social network sites or sending MMS), please check your handset for possible data roaming connection.

Succeeding Messages:

GPRS roaming bill reaches 1000 Php cumulative data usage 1st SMS Alert
GPRS roaming bill reaches 5, 000 Php cumulative data usage 2nd SMS Alert
GPRS roaming bill reaches 10, 000 Php cumulative data usage 3rd SMS Alert
GPRS roaming bill reaches 15, 000 Php cumulative data usage 4th SMS Alert
GPRS roaming bill reaches 20, 000 Php cumulative data usage 5th SMS Alert
GPRS roaming bill reaches 25, 000 Php cumulative data usage 6th SMS Alert
GPRS roaming bill reaches 30, 000 Php cumulative data usage 7th SMS Alert
GPRS roaming bill reaches 35, 000 Php cumulative data usage 8th SMS Alert
GPRS roaming bill reaches 40, 000 Php cumulative data usage 9th SMS Alert
GPRS roaming bill reaches 45, 000 Php cumulative data usage 10th SMS Alert

For more information on Postpaid roaming, zonal roaming rates, click here.

To know more about Postpaid All-Day Surf Abroad (24-hour surfing for as low as P450), click here.

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