I received a text saying I won or I'm qualified for a promo

Did you receive a text message saying you won a promo, or you have a chance to win prizes when you call or text a number? Be cautious when dealing with senders using unknown numbers. You may fall victim to hoax texts, frauds or scams.

Things to remember:

  • Smart and TNT DO NOT use standard 11 or 12-digit cellphone numbers to send promo-related text messages.
  • Smart and TNT always notify its promo winners via registered mail and a call from phone number 7777.
  • If text sender is instructing you to send a text message to 808, please note that 808 is the access number for PasaLoad transactions. (How to send load via PasaLoad)

Please do not trust the text message if:

  • The sender is asking you to call a person to claim a prize.
  • The sender is asking you for load or any form of payment in exchange for prizes or gifts.

Other Signs of Fraud and Scam

  • You won a raffle promo you didn't join.
  • You are to act immediately and to not inform others.
  • You're promised a 100% return on investment that's risk free.
  • The company is not registered and regulated by any government agency.
  • The contact could only be reached through text.
  • Dates of testimonials are not far apart and the online seller's account is relatively new.
  • Some text scammers pretend to be a relative or friend abroad. They would lure victims into sending them prepaid load by saying they are sending packages and gifts to the Philippines.

What to Do:

  • Never send money for promo or tax payments.
  • Stay Calm. Do not immediately follow instructions from a caller to transfer money in exchange for assisting a hospitalized relative or friend.
  • Verify first with a family member or close friend the status and authenticity of the claim.
  • Check the feedback of others before you buy or pay anything online.
  • Don't be pressured into making hasty decisions. Search the internet for fraud activities related to the depository account and contact number of the caller/seller.

Be aware! Protect yourself from text scams!

Smart subscribers can learn more about scams and report scam incidents at www.smart.com.ph/smart2know.

Smart subscribers are also encouraged to report scam attempts and incidents by calling hotline *888 using their mobile phone or tweeting @smartcares.

To report text scams, to the National Telecommunications Commission's One Stop Public Assistance Center (NTC OSPAC) call landline number (02) 921 3251 or (02) 926 7722 or email address ospac@ntc.gov.ph

You may also verify promos with the DTI through 751-3330.

For Smart Money concerns, you may contact 15177 through your Smart cellphone or 845-7777 via a landline.

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