Prepaid Call and Text Card Expiry and Validity

Card Expiry

Smart Prepaid and Talk ’N Text call & text cards must be loaded into your account before the stated expiry date printed on the back of the card. The card will be considered invalid upon reaching the expiry date.

Card Validity

The value of the Smart Prepaid and Talk ’N Text call & text cards must be used up within the card validity duration from the date it was loaded into your account. Kindly refer to the table below for reference. Any unconsumed card value will be forfeited after this period.

Card Denomination Card Validity Free Text
P100 30 Days 0
P300 75 Days 33
P500 120 Days 83

Account Validity

When your account balance reaches zero (0), you are given 120 days to reload to keep your account active. During this period, you can continue to receive incoming calls and text messages as well as make outgoing collect calls and calls to toll-free numbers. However, failure to reload within the 120 days will lead to disconnection of your prepaid account. To continue enjoying the Smart prepaid service, you will need to purchase another prepaid SIM.


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