Smart MMS and mobile Internet / APN settings

Smart's MMS and mobile Internet (GPRS, 3G, etc.) settings are automatically pushed to your device upon activation of your SIM. Your phone will receive the configuration settings along with text messages containing instructions to install / activate.

To request for these settings manually, text SET to 211.

If you need to manually configure your phone, you may refer to the settings below:

Smart MMS

Connection Name Smart MMS
Access Point Name mms
Username <blank>
Password <blank>
MMS Proxy

Smart Internet

Connection Name Smart Internet
Access Point Name internet
Username <blank>
Password <blank>
Proxy <blank>
Proxy Port <blank>

NOTE: If your mobile phone is released before 2005, please use the following configuration settings:

Connection Name Smart GPRS
Access Point Name smart1
Username <blank>
Password <blank>
Proxy Port 8080

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