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To provide our SUN customers with the best mobile experience, we are aligning the brand and its service offerings with those that are currently enjoyed by SMART customers. This includes having access to connectivity powered by the country’s fastest mobile network Smart LTE and to the GIGA Life.


What will happen to SUN Postpaid Customers?

As of October 21, 2020, all SUN service adjustments will only cover SUN Prepaid and SUN Broadband Prepaid customers. There will be no changes made to the current subscription of SUN Postpaid and SUN Broadband customers. We’ll continue to be powered by Smart through its fastest LTE network. For further updates and announcements, please stay in touch with us via our official SUN website and social media pages.

I am an active SUN Postpaid customer. Will I need to do anything to facilitate this move to SMART?

We are working to make sure that your experience remains seamless through the process.

But if your SIM has not been upgraded to LTE yet, we recommend making the switch today so you can fully enjoy the fastest LTE network of Smart.

Can I choose not to make any changes to my SUN subscription?

We are continuously improving our services for all our customers, and we don’t want to leave you behind. Our goal is for you to stay with us, so you can experience the best of Smart’s GigaLife.


May I avail any kind of add-on through the UMB/USSD *123#?

If you are a SUN Postpaid customer, you may avail select Sun Postpaid add-ons such as Giga Video through the *123#. If you are a SUN Fixed Load Plan customer, please see below.

Are there other services that I can avail on the *123#?

We are working to make more services available for you. Please stay in touch with us for more updates.

May I start availing Smart add-ons?

You may enjoy Smart-powered Giga Video add-ons by dialing for free *123#. Visit for more info.


May I visit any Smart Store?

Select Smart Stores are accepting all your Sun transactions from settling your bills, to upgrading to an LTE sim. For the complete list of stores near you, please click here.

Will there be any difference in the way I do my transactions?

There will be no changes in your transactions with us. Dedicated SUN Postpaid customer representatives are available to assist you in our co-located stores.


I am a SUN Fixed Load Plan customer. Will there be changes to my Fixed Load Plan inclusions?

As long as your account is updated and settled on time, you may continue enjoying your SUN Fixed Load Plan services. Please make sure not to miss payment on your scheduled due date to avoid automatic disconnection and service disruption.

  • Will I still enjoy prepaid top-ups and add-ons? You may still avail your Sun Fixed Load Plan (FLP) benefits as long as payments on your postpaid line are continued and settled on-time.

  • Where can I reload or get an add-on? Sun Fixed Load Plan customers may continue to avail of airtime load from any SMARTLoad retailer, or register favorite SUN Prepaid offers via SMS Keyword. See list of available add-ons and how to avail them:

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