Reconnect my Smart Bro postpaid account

If you are a SMART Bro postpaid user, your account will be disconnected after 60 days (or 2 months) of non-payment. To reconnect your account, simply settle the outstanding balance and report payment to continuously enjoy uninterrupted connection. Please note that some modes of payment (such as cheques) require 2–3 days posting time. To report payment, dial our toll free number *888 using your Smart cellphone or call (02) 888–1111 via landline.

  • To see your bills payment options, click here.


How to transfer ownership of my Smart Bro postpaid account
To request for change of ownership for Smart Bro Postpaid, both existing and new subscriber should visit the Smart Store with the following: Valid ID of both parties Proof of...
How to register to Smart Rewards
When you register to Smart Rewards, you earn points for every billed payment (postpaid) or reload/top-up (prepaid). These points can then be used to redeem mobile rewards or...
How do I check my Smart Bro balance?
You can check your Smart Bro balance, active promo or add-on subscriptions, remaining data volume promo expiry and more, through: Smart Bro Dashboard Connect your device...