How to Activate a Smart Money Card?

Smart Money is an electronic wallet similar to a bank account that is linked to your Smart or TNT mobile number. You can manage your Smart Money account through your SIM's Smart Money Menu.

Your Smart Money account can come with a Smart Money MasterCard. With a Smart Money card, you can enjoy more transactions like shopping at establishments where MasterCard is accepted or withdraw from ATMs here and abroad.

Simply call our Smart Money hotline to activate your Smart Money Card.

  • Dial 15177 using your Smart cellphone or (02) 845-7777 using your landline. For anti-fraud measures, you will need to speak to a live agent to verify your identity.

  • Don't have a Smart Money account yet? Click here to set-up your account in your Smart or Talk 'N Text cellphone.
  • Interested in getting your own Smart Money MasterCard? Click here to apply online.

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How many Smart Money cards can I own?
In adherence to Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)'s regulations, only a maximum of two (2) personalized Smart Money accounts is allowed per individual. Likewise, only a maximum...
How do I activate a Smart Money account with my mobile number
With Smart Money, you can conveniently perform transacations such as fund transfers, Smart Prepaid loading, bills payment and more, all through your mobile phone. It's easy to...
How do I check the status of my Smart Money card delivery?
When you apply for a personalized Smart Money card or request for card renewal or replacement, your new card will be delivered by accredited couriers to your address indicated...