Postpaid System Upgrade FAQs

System Upgrade Alert

We are upgrading our systems to better serve you. Please read below to know the new benefits, features, and change in postpaid experience.

Good news! The system upgrade has allowed you to do more with your plan. Some benefits and changes you will experience are as follows:

One Access Code for All
You now have an access to all our Postpaid add-ons! Feel free to customize your Postpaid Plan and register to the add-ons that suit your mobile needs. Moreover, you no longer have to memorize several access codes! Just send all your registrations and status inquiries to 9999 for FREE.

Worry-free enrollment of Postpaid add-ons to Auto-renew *
Once you register to our Postpaid add-ons, they will be automatically replenished on your next billing period. There is no need to opt in to auto-renew! If you do not wish to be enrolled, simply text STOP [KEYWORD] to 9999 for FREE.

*Subscribers who were previously enrolled to auto-renew must register again to be able to enjoy the NEW AUTO-RENEWAL feature.

Pay for what you use
Upon initial registration to a Postpaid add-on, you will be charged with a prorated amount, which is equivalent to the add-on’s allocation for the remaining days of your billing period. Once your add-on has been auto-renewed, you will be credited with its full inclusions and will already be charged in full.

Real-time Inquiry for your Plan Inclusions and Add-ons
Now, you can view your account’s most recent balance, anytime! No need to worry about your remaining Plan inclusions and add-ons. Simply text STATUS and send to 9999 for FREE.

New and enhanced offers available to you:

Offer Description Validity Keyword
Unli Call & Text 599 Unlimited calls and texts to Smart, TNT, and Sun Renews every billing period UCT
Unli Talk 499 Unlimited calls to Smart, TNT, and Sun Renews every billing period TALK
All Net Talk 149 40 minutes worth of calls to SMART, Globe and Sun Renews every billing period TALKALL149

Offers no longer available:

Offer Description Instead, you may avail: Description Keyword
Mega Combo 250

Unlimited texts to SMART, Globe and Sun + 180 minutes worth of calls to SMART, TNT and Sun + 100MB worth of data for all apps & sites for 30 days. Available to Freedom Plans only.

Tri Net 399

500 minutes worth of calls to SMART, TNT, Sun and PLDT Landline + 2,000 texts to all networks + 150MB of data for all apps & sites. Available to all Postpaid plans, renews every billing period

App On 99: iflix

Access to movies and TV series for 1 month via iflix. Available to all Postpaid plans

Download the iflix app and register. Access to movies and TV series for 1 month on iflix for P99 through Direct Carrier Billing.  


List of Add-ons
To view the complete list of call, text and data add-ons, go to

1. Who can avail of Postpaid Add-ons?
ALL SMART POSTPAID subscribers are allowed to avail.

2. How can a SMART POSTPAID subscriber register to an add-on?

There are 5 ways to register:
-You may text the KEYWORD to 9999
-You may dial *121# and navigate through the menu to register
-You may download the My Smart App available in the App Store and Google Play Store
-You may visit the SMART Online Store at
-You may call the SMART hotline and have our Customer Representative register for you
a. *888 on your mobile
b. 888-1111 on landline

3. How can I check if I am subscribed to an add-on?
Simply text STATUS to 9999 to see if you are currently registered. If you are, it will show the expiration date of your service as well as the available credits left.


1. Will I be able to subscribe to another add-on after I've already subscribed to one?

There will only be certain add-ons that are not allowed for availment whenever you already have one or more add-ons in your account. This is to avoid charging you for a certain service that overlaps with your current bundle's services. Whenever you try registering to these services, you will receive a reply that rejects your request.

2. What if my current bundle is a combo with no more data allocation left, will I be able to subscribe to other data services such as Giga Surf?

Postpaid’s add-ons are truly flexible. It allows you to add on to your plan data/internet bundles even if you still have data allocation left with your subscribed combo service, so that you can surf more and do more online.

3. Will I be notified if my add-on service is fully consumed?

No worries! You will be notified through SMS upon full consumption of your add-on credits.
Also, you will be notified when your add-on inclusion balance is low.
-For data, you will be notified once you have 5MB or less remaining in your balance.
-For texts, you will be notified once you have 20 texts or less remaining in your balance.
-For calls, you will be notified once you have 10 minutes or less remaining in your balance.

4. Will I be notified if my subscription will expire?
Note: This will only apply for short validity packages (less than 30 days), or when you opt-out from auto-renew.

No worries! You will receive an SMS notification 24 hours before your expiration, and at the moment of expiration of your registered postpaid add-on.

5. How do I enroll to auto-renew?
Good news! No need to register your package to auto-renew. All postpaid add-ons with monthly validity are automatically enrolled to auto-renew. Your add-on will always renew on your bill cut-off.

To opt-out of auto-renew, simply text STOP [KEYWORD] to 9999, and your registered service will expire on your bill cut-off.


6. How do I get charged when I avail of an add-on?
For All-In Plans, the registration fee will be charged to the consumable value of your plan.
For Giga Plans, Shared Plans, etc., the registration fee will be billed on top of your Monthly Service Fee (MSF).

Upon registration to a 30-day add-on, initial SRP and offer credits shall be pro-rated. You will be charged in full and will be credited in full on your bill cut-off.


7. How do I activate my roaming?
For plans lower than P800, availment of roaming offers is available upon request of roaming activation. Plans above P800 automatically have roaming. You may visit to know more.

8. Is the promo available to roaming subscribers?
The promo is not available to subscribers on roaming. Applicable roaming fees shall apply.

9. What happens during an invalid transaction?
All invalid scenarios (i.e. redirected account, credit limit reached, invalid number, etc.) will trigger an SMS notification to the subscriber and existing charging rules shall apply.

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