Smart VoWiFi Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of Wi-Fi Calling or Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi)?
Wi-Fi Calling lets you enjoy high quality calls indoors!

Other benefits:

  • No extra app needed. Simply turn on and make a call to others with Wi-Fi Calling enabled phones.
  • High definition voice quality that lets you enjoy clear conversations.

2. Who can use Wi-Fi Calling?
Smart’s Wi-Fi Calling service is currently available to Smart Signature & Infinity Postpaid subscribers.

3. What do I need to enjoy the Wi-Fi Calling service?
Wi-Fi Calling can be used by subscribers who have the following:
2. Wi-Fi Calling-capable handset. See item #4.
3. Latest software version
4. Any Wi-Fi connection with a speed of at least 100 kbps

4. Which devices support Wi-Fi Calling?
as of March 1, 2020

Samsung Apple Huawei
Samsung A01 iPhone 7 Huawei Mate 10
Samsung A10 iPhone 7 Plus Huawei Mate 20
Samsung A10s iPhone 8 Huawei Mate 20 Pro
Samsung A30 iPhone 8 Plus Huawei Mate P30 Lite
Samsung A30s iPhone X Huawei Mate P30
Samsung A50 iPhone XR Huawei Mate P30 Pro
Samsung A50s iPhone XS
Samsung A50s iPhone XS
Samsung A70 iPhone XS Max
Samsung A71 iPhone 11
Samsung A80 iPhone 11 Pro
Samsung S8 iPhone 11 Pro Max
Samsung S8+
Samsung S9
Samsung S9+
Samsung S10e
Samsung S10
Samsung S10+
Samsung Note 8
Samsung Note 9
Samsung Note 10
Samsung Note 10+
Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung S20
Samsung S20 Plus
Samsung S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

We will regularly update the list whenever the service becomes available to other Wi-Fi Calling-capable phones.

5. Can I make a call to others who doesn’t have the Wi-Fi Calling feature?
Yes. You can make a call to others who doesn’t have Wi-Fi Calling. However, the quality of call will not be in HD.

6. What will be the quality of call when I’m using Wi-Fi Calling?

Enabled Service on Caller’s Handset Enabled Service on Calling Party Quality of Call
VoWiFi VoWiFi High Definition
VoWiFi 3G or 2G, including non-Smart mobile number Regular Call Quality
VoWiFi Landline Regular Call Quality

7. My SIM is inserted to a Wi-Fi Calling-capable handset. How do I activate and use the service?
1. Make sure that you have accepted the latest software/firmware update for your handset.
2. Go to Settings and Enable the Wi-Fi Calling on your phone.
3. Enable Wi-Fi and connect to an available Wi-Fi network.
4. Go to your phone’s native dialer or native messaging application.
5. Make a call or send a text message.

Here's the step-by step guide:

  • How to update the Software in iOS

  • If Wi-Fi calling option is still not visible, update the Carrier Version (iOS)

  • How to Enable WiFi Calling in iOS

  • How to update the Software in Android

  • How to Enable WiFi Calling in Android

8. How do I know if my Wi-Fi Calling is enabled?
A VoWiFi icon will be displayed on your handset’s status bar.

9. What is a native dialer and a native messaging app?
A native dialer is your device’s default phone app that you use when making a call.
A native messaging app is your device’s default app that you use when sending a text message.

10. Which numbers can I call using Wi-Fi Calling?

  • Smart Postpaid/Prepaid number
  • Sun Postpaid/Prepaid number
  • TNT number
  • Non-Smart mobile number
  • PLDT landline number*
  • Non-PLDT landline number*
  • International number (IDD)*

IMPORTANT: Always include the area code when calling a landline or international number. Example: (02) 81234567

11. How much will I be charged using Wi-Fi Calling?
Wi-Fi Calling transactions will be charged against your active voice or SMS subscription.

Local and International voice and text rates will apply if you do not have an active subscription.

12. Will I be able to use Wi-Fi Calling if BOTH my Wi-Fi and mobile data are turned on?
Yes. For iOS handsets, calls and text messages will automatically go through the Wi-Fi network.

For Android handsets, just make sure that Wi-Fi preferred is selected in the Wi-Fi Calling Settings to make sure that all calls and text messages will go through the Wi-Fi network.

NOTE: In some Android handsets, “Wi-Fi preferred” is the default setting for Wi-Fi Calling.
iOS handsets do not have this setting, but it will automatically prioritize Wi-Fi Calling over VoLTE.

13. I already have a Wi-Fi Calling icon on my phone, but I still cannot call or send a text message using a Wi-Fi network.
Make sure that the Wi-Fi network that you are connected to has an excellent signal strength and an internet speed of at least 100 kbps.

14. Will I still be able to use Wi-Fi Calling even if my phone is not part of the handset list that it supports?
Currently, only handsets listed above is capable of Wi-Fi Calling. See item #2.

Don’t worry, we will update you once it becomes available to other handset models.

15. Will I be able to use the service while I’m on International Roaming?
No. Wi-Fi Calling currently works only when used within the Philippines.

16. My handset also shows VoLTE. What does this mean?
VoLTE or Voice over LTE is a service that allows you to make and receive voice calls via LTE using an LTE-capable phone. This service is not yet available to customers.

For questions about Wi-Fi Calling, You may send us a message with your concern and account details @SMARTCares on Twitter or @SmartCommunications on our Facebook page, or call our toll-free Hotline at 888 using your Smart mobile number.

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