Understanding the Bill Charges

Understanding the Bill Charges

1. Am I paying for my bill in advance or for service I already used?

Signature Accounts: All charges in the bill are services already used
Non Signature: Monthly Service Fee charges are advance while other charges were services already used.

2. What are the different charges on my bill?

Signature: MSF, Device Cost, Entertainment Add on, Call Booster, Data Booster and Others
Non Signature: MSF, Call Charges, Text Charges,Data Charges and Subscriptions, Pasaload Charges, Roaming Charges, VAT and OCT

3. Why is my bill different this month?

If you change your plan, device amortization or if you migrate from non signature to signature account.

4. What is credit limit?

The total amount of charges that you are allowed to incur within a billing period.

5. How many days can I complain the reflected billing charges?

You are given twenty-one (21) days from Statement Date in the event that we do not receive any question regarding your bill, your Statement of Account is considered correct and binding.

6. Who can I contact if I have further queries?

  • Call our Customer Care Hotline at (02) 88881111 using a landline
  • Toll-free at *888 using your cellphone
  • Log-on to www.smart.com.ph/account

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