What are the different charges on my bill?

Your bill includes your monthly service fee (MSF), call, text, and data charges and subscriptions, Pasaload charges, roaming charges, VAT, and OCT. These charges vary depending on what services you are subscribed to and your usage.

For more information about these charges and their definitions, please refer to the table below:

Charges Definition
Monthly Service Fee (MSF) Fixed Monthly Fee based on the plan subscription. This may be billed partially or pro-rated upon new application, Plan renewal, Plan change, billing cycle change or if you have been reconnected from temporary disconnection.
Call Charges Calls to landline, mobile, international numbers, and video calls
Text Charges Texts made to mobile numbers, VAS numbers with 3-4 digits (i.e. 4627, 9999), and international numbers
Data Charges and Subscriptions Browsing, streaming, data subscriptions, multimedia services
Pasaload Charges Pasaload mark-up and Pasaload denominations
Roaming Charges Calls, texts, and data usages made and received while roaming
Value Added Tax (VAT) This refers to the 12% tax imposed by the National Government
Overseas Communication Tax (OCT) This refers to the 10% tax imposed by the National Government for all international transactions (i.e. IDD calls, International Text, IDD while Roaming)
Device Amortization This is the fixed monthly amount of the device divided into number of months and being charged on top of the MSF

If you’re a Smart Signature subscriber, click HERE to learn more about your Smart Signature Bill.

Got further questions on your bill charges? You may reach us through the following channels:

  • Via our official Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Via our toll-free hotline *888 using your Smart Postpaid mobile number
  • Via www.smart.com.ph/account

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