What are the different Smart Postpaid plans available?

Are you ready to make the shift and experience the convenience and perks of a postpaid mobile account? Do you want to renew your Smart Postpaid plan or sign-up for additional lines?

Smart Postpaid offers you these options so you can pick the best plan for you - whether you're looking for the perfect data offer for your lifestyle, on the hunt for your dream smartphone, or just in need of plan flexibility, freebies, bundles and more.

Surf Plus Plans

Smart Postpaid Surf Plus Plans give you a selection of fixed monthly data allowance from as low as 100MB per month (Plan 399) to as much as 9GB per month (Plan 1999). These plans also come with unlimited calls and texts to Smart, Talk 'N Text and/or Sun Cellular OR free call and text credits to all networks, varying according to your monthly service fee.

With a Surf Plus Plan, you are also entitled to choose one free app/value-added service every month (Spinnr, Facebook, Email, YouTube, Viber and other choices). Enjoy all these and more with a free smartphone.

Available Plans: Plan 399, Plan 599, Plan 799, Plan 999, Plan 1499 & Plan 1999

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All-In Plans

Smart Postpaid All-In Plans are fully customizable and fully consumable plans that let you be in full control. You can use the entire value of your monthly service fee on the exact call, text and data services that you need. With over 30 call, text, data flexibundles and combos, you can mix, match, and adjust your choices monthly according to your needs.

Because these Flexibundles are charged to your consumable amount, you can easily manage your expenses to not go above your monthly service fee.

Available Plans: Plan 500, Plan 800, Plan 1200, Plan 1800, Plan 2500

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iPhone Plans

With Smart Postpaid's iPhone Plans, you can own the latest iPhone models powered by Smart's powerful and reliable network. Get the most out of your device with monthly data allowance from 500MB/month (Plan 799) to 10GB/month (Plan 2000) and stay connected all the time with the built-in All-Month Surf feature.

You can also enjoy free all-net call and text credits plus 1 free VAS/app of your choice which you can change every month.

Available Plans: Plan 799, Plan 999, Plan 1500, Plan 2000

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Other Plans

  • Fusion Plan: Get a consumable Smart Postpaid and a Smart Bro device with data allowance in one plan.
  • Android Plan 499: Get the Android One device with consumable credits and free data.
  • SIM-only Plan 250: Unlimited SMS, free call minutes and data - easy on the budget.
  • Family Ties Plan: Three lines, three phones, 1 plan

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