What do I need to know about mobile internet?

Volume 101

Know how much MB you consume with this:

MB and Allocation Service
6MB = 3 minutes of video streaming
4MB = 1 app/game/song download
1.5MB = 3 minutes of music streaming
1MB = 1 webpage
350KB = 1 social media post (with photo)
300KB = 1 email (with attachment)
20KB = 1 email (text only)

Note: Data usage varies by device, figures above are estimates only. Actual amount of data used may differ.

Data conversion

1KB= 1024 bytes
1MB = 1024 KB
1GB = 1024MB

Turn data on and off

Most phone apps/widgets will automatically connect to mobile Internet even when you're not browsing/surfing. So turn it OFF when you're not SURFING to avoid unwanted charges.

What is LTE?

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the latest standard in the mobile network technology tree that produced the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA network technologies.The fastest 4G connection in the country

Experience real time:
Gaming - Ping speeds down to 10 milliseconds
Downloads - 2GB of movies, apps, files & music in 6.3 minutes
Streaming - Smoother, crisper up to 42 Mbps

Did You Know?

SMART LTE is up to 6 times faster than the current 3G network (up to 42MBPS VS up to 7MBPS). Its speed is comparable to the fastest available wired technology. LTE capable SIM and device is needed to enjoy this service.

No LTE connection?

Do not fret. You can still enjoy internet connection up to 7MBPS with 3G/GPRS/HSPA.

Surfing the internet while roaming

When travelling abroad subscribers can turn off data roaming to save on charges. Turning off data roaming will disable all data services such as app updates and web browsing. To enjoy data services when abroad, subscribers can connect to the network of Smarts international roaming partner. Roaming partner rates apply.

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