Redeem Smart Perks Through Delivery FAQS

1. Can Smart Perks items be delivered to my address?

Yes, there are Smart Perks items available for delivery to the subscriber’s address of record.

2. When can I expect the Smart Perks items to be delivered?

Smart Perks items will be delivered to the subscribers address of record within 14 working days (within Metro Manila) or within 21 working days (outside Metro Manila).

3. Who is eligible to receive the item?

If Smart Perks subscriber is unavailable during the delivery period, an authorized representative can receive the item on his/her behalf by presenting the following documents:

• Signed Authorization Letter from the Smart Perks Subscriber

• Proof of Identification of the Smart Perks Subscriber (with photocopy)

• Proof of Identification of Authorized Representative (with photocopy)

4. Do I need to pay for the delivery fee?

No, delivery fee is free of charge.

5. Can I redeem items even if I have not activated my Smart Perks account yet?

No, Prepaid subscribers should activate their Smart Perks account before they can redeem rewards items.

6. The redeemed item has a defect, what will I do?

Smart does not provide any warranty on the redeemed reward, except when reward is a product or service of Smart. The only warranties on the redeemed rewards are those provided by respective Partner Merchants, and may only be claimed to the respective Partner Merchants’ establishments.

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