What happens when I turn on my mobile data?

Turn ON your mobile data to maximize your smartphone's capabilities and experience the perks of staying connected anytime, anywhere!

With your mobile data ON:

| | |
| - | - |
| Social Media | You can see new posts from your family and friends |
| Chat | You get to enjoy real time conversations |
| News | You can get quick & up-to-date news |
| Games | You can play with distant friends real time |
| Apps | And you get to experience everything the internet has to offer at the touch of a button |

Some apps automatically connect to the Internet to sync your data and give you real-time updates, even if you're not actively using them. If your mobile data is turned ON, you may incur charges when not subscribed to a data packages. Just turn mobile data ON / OFF to manage its use and avoid background data charges.

To find out how you can start enjoying your smartphone by turning on your mobile data feature, click here.

To know how you can maximize your data usage and manage background data charging, click here.

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