What is the difference between data volume allowance and all-month surf in my iPhone plan?

Smart Postpaid's iPhone plans now come with these plan inclusions:

iPhone Plans iPhone Plan 799 iPhone Plan 999 iPhone Plan 1500 iPhone Plan 2000 Surf Plus Plan for iPhone 1799 Surf Plus Plan for iPhone 2499 Surf Plus Plan for iPhone 3000
Data Volume Allowance 500MB 3.5GB 8GB 10GB 8GB 15GB 18GB
All-Net Calls 20 mins 40 mins 60 mins 150 mins 60 mins 300 mins 300 mins
All-Net Texts 100 100 120 200 120 300 240
Free VAS (Interchangeable monthly) YES YES YES YES YES YES YES

All-Month Surf browsing allows you to do regular online activities like web searches (via Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), web reading (includes blogs, news sites/articles, plain text, etc.), social media posts (includes likes, comments, status updates, with or without photos), email (reading, sending, in plain text WITHOUT attachments using apps such as Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Gmail), and chat messaging (with or without photos using apps such as WhatsApp, Line, Viber).

All-Month Surf does not expire and remains active throughout contract duration.

The Data Volume Allowance is the total megabytes or gigabytes of data that you can use for heavier Internet activities like music or video streaming, downloading/uploading, peer-to-peer file-sharing, VOIP calls and the likes.

Once you consume your data volume allowance for the month, your All-Month Surf browsing service will remain active to cover for your regular online activities. Beyond this, activities like streaming and downloading shall be charged at a rate of Php 5/15 minutes.

You may also choose to acquire Flexibundle Data buckets to be billed on top of your Monthly Service Fee.

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